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We are deeply saddened by the heinous crime in Paris this weekend. Our condolences are to relatives and friends of innocent victims of this senseless atrocity. We grieve over all who perished and suffered in inhuman terror attacks, at Charlie Hebdo, in Ankara, Beirut, Russian KGL9268 filght, Paris, only recently, and all over the world in places, unfortunately, too numerous to be listed here, but to be remembered and resisted by all of us. We firmly stand by our assertion that no reason is grave enough to perpetrate massacre of innocent people.

(images from: Daily Mail, Peace for Paris by Jean Jullien)
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Advisory Board

Daniel Chateigner, Xiaolong Chen, Marco Ciriotti,
Robert T. Downs, Saulius Gra┼żulis, Werner Kaminsky, Armel Le Bail, Luca Lutterotti,
Yoshitaka Matsushita, Peter Moeck, Peter Murray-Rust, Miguel Quirós Olozábal,
Hareesh Rajan, Alexandre F.T. Yokochi

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